May 5: Mentor

For the daily prompt:

When you join something new

It’s all a big confusion

So they assign you a mentor

To get started on the action


It’s so very important

That your mentor is a good guide

For that can make all the difference

To get on your manager’s good side


They know the ins and outs

And the pitfalls to avoid

And they will lead you the right way

And make sure to the rules you abide


So take in all that they teach you

And give something back

Be a good listener and

Stay focused and on track


Make the most of their know-how

And add some value of your own

After all you want to make progress

And repay that student loan


Your mentor may reprimand you

Maybe even give you a hard time

But know that’s for your own sake

So you’re worth every dime


Be thankful for a person

Who wants you to give your best

It’ll only make you better at the job

And ready for any test

© ThatPuneChic




May 6: Bubble

For the daily prompt:

We live in society

In a restricted little bubble

Where there’s just one way to do things

Or else you get in trouble


They don’t have open minds

Just constantly open ears and mouths

To jeer and laugh at you

Like every other person in the crowd


If you step away and do something different

That doesn’t conform to their views

It’s as though you’re an outcast

And are forced to pay the dues


But to make a difference

Stand out you must

Even though they won’t support you

Even though you don’t have their trust


So rather than regret later

If you believe in your dreams

Break the bubble, take the plunge

Don’t fall prey to their schemes


Of all the people in world history

That have made this world what it is today

The thinkers who thought out-of-the-box

They’re the ones that stay!

© ThatPuneChic




May 7: Flaunt

For the daily prompt:

He sat in his little store

His goodies all laid out

Bright and colorful things

Whose value he started to shout


They were vendors all of them

Out flaunting their wares

In the sprawling marketplace

As good as stocks and shares


He wanted to be heard

And seen above the crowd

His stuff was better than most

And his voice thankfully loud


His prices were the best

For what he was selling

But he had to promote it well

Which involved a lot of yelling


As people started to gather

And take a look at his wares

He felt this day would be good

And lessen some of his cares


As money changed hands

He started feeling much better

Lately he hadn’t sold too much

And was a bit under the weather


But once he made some pence

Relief coursed through his mind

He would be back tomorrow

And earn more in kind

© ThatPuneChic



May 8: Rapid

For the daily prompt:

Running faster and faster

I feel my rapid heartbeat against my throat

The pounding rhythm pushing me ahead

I stumble and fall but rise again

Sweat coursing down my face as I try to catch my breath

Ignoring the stitch in my side

I run without abandon

Anything to put some distance between us

He is closing in on me now

Hands reaching out towards me

I feel panic rising like a tide inside

Swallowing the impulse to scream

I use my breath to forge onward

But he is relentless in his pursuit

Coming closer with every moment

His long fingers ghost against my back

And I know I cannot stop him

No matter what path I choose

He will find me for he is fate that none escape

© ThatPuneChic

May 9: Laughter

For the daily prompt:

For four years, I was hesitant to laugh out loud without restraint. Why, you ask? For any teenager who has made the painful trips to the dentist’s clinic every month, the answer should be clear – Braces. Yes, I was one of those unlucky kids with imperfect teeth that had to be fixed using metal torture devices.

While some of you may think this is an exaggeration, I assure you, my life was hell those four years. Apart from the obvious unwillingness to open my mouth (which was unusually small according to my dentist, and resulted in 4 horrific tooth extractions), I was in constant discomfort from the vile things clipped onto my teeth. They would scrape and cut my mouth and tongue and I hated putting those little wax pieces on every bracket to prevent that.

To top it all off, I had to deal with my sarcastic dentist and his untrained interns who took turns working on me. While I understand they were just doing their job, they could have shown a shred of empathy. I don’t think you can feel quite as helpless anywhere else than in a dentist’s chair. The angle of the thing is designed to keep your head upturned and mouth open to relentless probing while the dental tools table thingy obstructs your arms from coming up in protest! I mean, give your patient the chance to voice something with their hands at least!

In any case, I’m glad that the torment is over and done with and I now have a nice set of (less than 32) teeth that fit well in my small jaw.

© ThatPuneChic

May 10: Rebel

For the daily prompt:

She doesn’t follow

What society says is right

She has a mind of her own

Don’t let her out of sight


She is true to herself

And not burdened by tradition

She makes her own way

Pushed by desire and ambition


Just because everyone else does

Is not a good enough reason

She needs a just cause

For which she will fight with passion


They call her uptight

And too modern and a rebel

Well a rebel she is proud to be

If it changes the world, it’s worth the trouble

© ThatPuneChic

May 11: Forest

For the daily prompt:

Now this post is not really related to a forest as in a jungle, but rather my favorite flavor of pastry – Black Forest!


This pastry is a delicious combination of chocolate, cherries, and vanilla. I am not usually fond of mixing fruits and chocolate, but this is the one exception. I love the black forest cake from Baker’s Basket and Monginis.

I think the cherries keep the pastry moist and add a sharpness to an otherwise sweet dish. The scattering of chocolate shards over the top makes the cake unique and adds crunchiness. I would love to try and make this recipe sometime soon. It will be up on my blog which you can check out here.

© ThatPuneChic

Picture taken from pixabay

Going back through prompts

I joined the daily prompt writing spree rather late and it ended much too soon for me. So I thought I would go through the older prompts and they would inspire me to continue writing almost daily.

Watch out for new posts coming up everyday! I plan on working backwards from the prompt for May 11. Let’s see how it goes 😀

Barometer – A quirky new restaurant

I recently visited this new restaurant called Barometer in Kothrud. If you’ve been to Le Plaisir, this restaurant has similar vibes. It’s small with little tables clustered everywhere and loud music playing in the background. Despite the cramped quarters, the overall experience was rather enjoyable.


They have a great selection of drinks (but since I don’t drink, I just went with a virgin sangria which was delicious), Italian, Chinese, Thai, and Indian food, and downright delectable deserts.


I went with a whole lot of people and here’s all the stuff we tried:

  • Tomato and red bell pepper soup
  • Cheese wadas (Potato and cheese stuffed deep-fried fritters)
  • Honey-chilli lotus stems
  • Crispy schezwan baby corn
  • Thin crust pizza
  • Thai red curry
  • Thai green curry
  • Basil rice
  • Tiramisu
  • Mango Relish
  • Chocolate ferrero in a jar

While I didn’t particularly like the soup and cheese wadas, all the other dishes were excellent. I have also heard the breakfast buffet is good here. I hope to try it sometime and write another review.



Till then, definitely check out Barometer for a weekend dinner.

© ThatPuneChic


Daily Prompt: Retrospective

For today’s prompt:

What is done is done

No need to dwell

On decisions of the past

Only time will tell


If you keep looking back

In retrospect

It will only make you anxious

And have a negative effect


So just go with the flow

And stand your ground

Take each day as it comes

By the penny not the pound


Hang on tight

To life’s rollercoaster

Put down negative thoughts

Like a gun in a holster


The past can hurt

Like Rafiki¹ said

But don’t forget

His bump on the head


Learn to move forward

And let bygones be

Forge onward and forth

A better future you’ll see!

© ThatPuneChic

[1] Rafiki is the baboon from The Lion King and helps Simba overcome the fears of his past.