Daily Prompt: Retrospective

For today’s prompt:

What is done is done

No need to dwell

On decisions of the past

Only time will tell


If you keep looking back

In retrospect

It will only make you anxious

And have a negative effect


So just go with the flow

And stand your ground

Take each day as it comes

By the penny not the pound


Hang on tight

To life’s rollercoaster

Put down negative thoughts

Like a gun in a holster


The past can hurt

Like Rafiki¹ said

But don’t forget

His bump on the head


Learn to move forward

And let bygones be

Forge onward and forth

A better future you’ll see!

© ThatPuneChic

[1] Rafiki is the baboon from The Lion King and helps Simba overcome the fears of his past.




4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Retrospective

  1. rogershipp says:

    Life truly can be a roller-coaster! Enjoyed!

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