Enjoy continental cuisine at Darshan

I cannot believe that I only discovered this gem of a restaurant so recently despite calling myself a foodie and priding myself on knowing the best places in town for every kind of cuisine. As it turns out, many of my friends had no inkling about it either. In any case, I’m glad I came across this quaint little place serving delicious continental food.

I absolutely love their sandwiches (especially the one with coleslaw and green beans) and the pasta is pretty good too. But the best dish ever is their famous ‘Chocolate Bomb’ which is essentially a very gooey choco lava cake served with vanilla ice cream.

I also recommend the sizzlers and the Darshan snack dish which lets you sample a few different dishes together. I also tried a Greek dish with pita bread and hummus and although not very filling, it was very tasty and great as a starter.

You can also try a few different desserts like jelly and cream, strawberries and ice cream and the very curiously named ‘Traffic Jam’, which has no jam, but is served in a tall glass like a milkshake and topped with dry fruits and cherries. Yum!

© ThatPuneChic


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