Best places for eating chaat in Pune

Chaat, the most wonderful food invention has been one of my favorite things to eat since as long as I can remember. Crispy, crunchy, tangy, sweet, sour all in one dish! What more can you ask for? Of course there’s all kinds of varieties like bhel, pani puri, sev puri, ragada pattice, etc. Here are some places in Pune to enjoy chaat:

1.Ganesh Bhel

This place has been my go-to spot for chaat at all times of the day. They serve the most amazing ragda pattice (which is a potato tikki served with cooked chickpeas, crushed puris, sweet and spicy chutney, chopped onions and tomatoes and topped with sev).

In additon to bhel, pani puri, and other chaat items, they also serve a spicy kachi dabeli (which is a paav stuffed with a spicy potato filling garnished with pomegranate seeds and sev), some tasty grilled sandwiches, and cooling cold coffee. Do not miss a chance to visit this place!

2. Kalyan Bhel

These guys are so famous, you’ll see a crowd here every single day of the week. Try their special Kalyan bhel and super delicious dosas. I love their cut dosa the most. Besides chaat, they serve other food items as well.


Despite being famous for south Indian food, Vaishali pulls out their crowd-pleasing SPDP (Sev Potato Dahi Puri) for just 2 precious hours (5pm-7pm or there abouts). It is so mouth-watering that I cannot do it justice through the mere use of words. You’ll have to try it yourslef. I love that they make it slightly sweet, thereby making it stand out among other spicy variations at more famous ‘chaat places’.

Also, I can keep on raving about Vaishali for pages since it is the most cherished restaurant in my heart so I’ll stop here.

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