The best places to buy accessories in Pune

Every girl loves her accessories. Be it the long, beaded necklaces, cocktail rings, or chunky bracelets. Here are the best places to go accessory shopping in Pune:

Fergusson College Road

This place is a shopaholic’s paradise! From trendy shoes, to stylish tops, to accessories by the dozen, FC Road has it all! You’ll see a lot of college girls hanging around, taking keen looks at the latest trends. Make sure you wear shoes though, you’ll have to walk around a little if you want to find the best.

The key to shopping here is to not be hasty; the same piece of jewelry may be cheaper at the next store. Take a look in all the little stalls, find what you like, and compare the prices. You’ll also need to make use of all your haggling skills- the shopkeepers have dealt with teenage girls all their lives, and won’t budge easily.

You can also buy pretty footwear, hair belts, nail polish, and clothes here. The prices are much cheaper than in malls, and the quality is decent. The most endearing thing about FC road though, is once you shop here, you sort of get attached to the place.

Tulsi Baug – Not for the faint hearted

If you’re feeling really enthusiastic and are prepared to brave an insanely crowded place where the prices are cheap, the variety is unending, and you don’t have a problem with your feet being stepped on, visit Tulsi Baug. The experience will leave you feeling thrilled, your arms full of shopping bags, and your purse not as light as it would be otherwise.

The place is full of tiny, colorful stalls, vendors selling their wares on wooden hand carts, roadside heaps of glitzy footwear, and women using the best of their haggling skills. The sheer volume of accessories in this place will make you feel like a kid at a candy store!

Although you’ll also find clothing shops here, I would not recommend it. The quality is subpar, and the best you can buy is maybe a set of towels or handkerchiefs. You will also find an array of other everyday things like cooking utensils here.

Keep an eye out for pick-pockets if you visit on weekends or in the evening.  Other than that, you’re sure to enjoy a trip to Tulsi Baug.


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